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Barriss thought about it for a moment. He is the Senator of Onderon. He'd have to be to overcome all the hardships of a Tusken Raider then loosing his father to a bounty hunter who hated Jedi. Her image stood above that of Quinlan Vos, and adjacent to Master Yoda's. Edra the Hutt asked Jabba for a favor so he sent me here to handle the situation. I think that that's what drew that Sith to me.

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Luminara finally died on Kashyyyk during the Battle of Kashyyyk , when her clone troopers opened fire on her speeder bike , in compliance with Order Even before Order 66, however, Commander Gree had already been planning her murder for months. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article is called Luminara Unduli.

A non-simple version of Luminara Unduli can be read on Darthipedia. Darthipedia is the Star Wars Humor Wiki. Born without a sense of humor? We are inspired by your courageous struggle. Get the hell out of here and go read Wookiepedia ' s "real" article on Luminara Unduli.

Retrieved from " https: Cancel Save. Rise of the Empire era. Jedi Order Galactic Republic. Considering the way Ahsoka was treated by them, that chance was very small. Barriss swallowed an lump of nervousness and made her way towards the Council chambers. Master Luminara Unduli stood in the Council chambers.

Little over half the Council was present physically, two others merely as holograms. The remainder of the Council was unable to attend due to skirmishes here and there. She couldn't help but wonder if a part of Barriss' statements in the Court about the Order were true. She briefly looked to her side. Anakin Skywalker was in the Council chambers as well because of his actions during the chase, Ahsoka's trial and his hand in Barriss' capture.

It was very obvious that he wasn't enjoying being in this close proximity to the Council, especially Mace Windu. He didn't look very good either, like he hasn't slept in a while. Her gaze wandered through the room. Obi-Wan Kenobi seemed to be very worried as well, about Ahsoka and his own former padawan. Shaak Ti was one of the best when it comes to maintaining a calm and collected expression, but even she looked disturbed by everything that has happened.

The worst person in the room was probably Plo Koon. The Kel Dorian was the one who had brought Ahsoka to the Temple when she was but a little girl.

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He saw her grow up into a young woman. They had a very strong bond, and now, she was gone. His mask hid his expression, but the depression was obvious in his general appearance.

Luminara quietly sighed. Mace Windu was addressing his concerns regarding Barriss remaining her padawan. I don't think it would be a good idea for her to be reinstated as a padawan this easily. She could fall back to the Dark Side with great ease. Renounce her as my padawan? Will the Council throw her in a prison cell again? We have made a terrible mistake by not trusting Ahsoka. Are we going to repeat that mistake again?

What kind of message will that send to the other padawans in the Order? If the Council is not willing to trust them, how will that affect them? Anakin looked at the Council. Master Unduli was more than right. He was very eager to hear their reaction to her statement. By doing so, we have driven away one of the most promising students we had. If we do not do the same thing know, we cannot call ourselves 'masters'.

Cannot continue, this can. Your decision, it should be. If believe that redeem herself, Barriss can, than give her that chance we must. Of that I have no doubt. Master Windu leaned forward. The risk may be too great. Luminara tried her best not the give him a very dark stare. Shaak Ti stayed still, but bared one of her fangs and her eyes shifted in a more feral look.

Anakin looked like he wanted to punch Windu in the face as a starter. Obi-Wan rubbed his beard as he contemplated a possible solution. Therefore, I think that Master Unduli should evaluate Barriss' progress. If she indeed recovers from the Dark Side, than we can let her continue her training. Should she threaten to fall again," he sighed.

Otherwise we will fall apart and won't live to see the end of this war. For the safety of others and herself. Barriss was standing outside the Council chambers, waiting to be summoned inside. She knew they were discussing her fate. It worried her, but she knew that her master would speak up for her. She moved her hands and felt her lightsaber. Ahsoka's letter went through her mind again, easing her worries.

She took a deep breath in and out to let the negative emotions fade, and stepped inside the chamber. Barriss went inside the chamber and cast a quick, barely-noticeable look around. Her master was giving her a reassuring smile. Masters Ti and Secura seemed to be on her side as well. The rest of the Council seemed to be rather indifferent. She stood beside her master and bowed respectfully to the Council.

Luminara wanted to say something but was surprised to see the lightsaber hanging from Barriss' belt. Barriss nodded. Luminara turned to the Togruta. So I packed a few of her possessions for her and gave her Barriss' lightsaber, a space-travel pass and a moderate amount of credits. That way, she was at least able to defend and take care of herself.

Both Anakin and Plo seemed at bit more at ease. She turned to Barriss. Barriss smiled lightly. My lightsaber was inside with a letter from Ahsoka. But… in her letter she said that she had already forgiven me. She looked around the room. Her master was smiling and the rest of the Council appeared a bit more at ease. Anakin then spoke up: Barriss shook her head 'no'.

She's safe, not planning anything stupid and she's light-years away but she can still sense your worrying and I think it's getting on her nerves. Barriss couldn't help but giggle a little at the dumbfounded look on Anakin's face. A few others in the room chuckled as well. Obi-Wan spoke up: If you can resist falling back to the Dark Side you may continue your training.

Should you fail however, you will be detained and the Council will then decide your fate. She nodded and replied: I will do what I can not to let you down. Dismissed, you both are. As soon as the doors closed behind them Barriss let out a large sigh of relief. She nodded. I was just really worried that the Council wasn't going to give me another chance. Especially after the way they treated Ahsoka…" her voice softened a bit towards the end of her sentence.

Luminara nodded understandingly. This war has changed us and not in a good way, unfortunately. We were all trying to prevent the same mistake from happening again. Wait up! I just had a question for Barriss. Anakin's face turned very serious all of a sudden. Do you have any idea where she may have sent it from? But the letter didn't give any details regarding her location.

Barriss turned to face him again. One thing I do know is that Ahsoka has left Coruscant. Of the Senators she knows personally, there is only one that is also off-world right now. Barriss looked at her then back at Anakin. He is the Senator of Onderon. I noticed quite a bit of looks between him and Ahsoka during the battle of Onderon. Ahsoka and I talked about certain aspects of the Jedi Code a while ago.

She seemed to be a little attracted to him. I think that she may have asked for his help or something. Other than that, I really don't know. It will be a nice way to put all of this behind us. Barriss thought about it for a moment. It had been a while since she last ate.

She had skipped lunch to meditate and that was haunting her now. Anakin was sitting in his quarters thinking about what he had heard today. He was glad for Barriss that the Council had given her another chance. Maybe they can change their views somewhat.

It's just a shame that it had to come to Ahsoka being driven away from the Order before they realized that they needed to change. He sighed and looked at the lightsaber in his hand, Ahsoka's lightsaber. It's design is so different from his own. It was thinner to fit her hands. Like his own lightsaber, it is a reflection of her, a part of her.

He was glad that Rex and the others had found it, now he just had to get it back in Ahsoka's hands. If she did went to Onderon, Bonteri would be able to help him with that. Anakin wondered about what he had learned about the upcoming vote in the Senate. This meant that every Senator, including Bonteri, would be on Coruscant. He felt a presence outside his room.

He said. He entered the room and looked at Anakin. His attention was mostly drawn to the weapon in his hands. Anakin nodded. I'm going to make sure she gets it back. He should be back on Coruscant in a few days. I'm sure he can help me return her lightsaber. She can take care of herself, and so must we.

He was right, Ahsoka wouldn't want him to be so down all the time. She had never given up before, no matter how dark things seemed and so must he. Barriss and her master were sitting in Dex' diner, waiting for their meals to be delivered.

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Luminara responded in a calm voice. Barriss couldn't help but giggle a little at the dumbfounded look on Anakin's face. Luminara and Barriss plunged into the depths of the temple cavern as great slices of rock and small and precious crystals alike plummeted to the ceremonial floor. When they landed they were greeted by Boba Fett. She had gone back to her brown tube top, even though it looked as if she couldn't fit into it anymore. Unduli arrived to assist the Padawan in confronting Ventress, who was cornered.

Ahsoka saves Barriss:

Four rounds, sixteen species, multiple genders, all fighting for the privilege of bedding this woman. For moments, they were able to elude the stone maelstrom, but even their great powers working in concert were soon not enough to allow escape. The two would fight and that winner would take the prize. However, this was also the only way to free her.

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